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These are some of the things our client has to say:

I want to say a million thanks for giving me a fresh start. For being a very understanding person and taking the time and patience to deal with my situation.

Early 2011, you counselled me for  the possibility of filling for bankruptcy. You worked patiently and attentively with my case and listened to my concerns with open ears and heart. And when my circumstances changed for the better, you did no hesitate, you recommend a better route to address my situation. I will strongly recommend a friend to your agency. Thank you very much for your services and I wish you all the best and luck for the year 2016

Client since 2011


Excellent work in helping me solve my debt issues through Debt Recovery Scheme. Banks made my life a living hell and now, they can’t force me and charge me for every lawyer letter they sent to chase me for payment.

Client since 2015
Mr Chris

In 2012, I was in a bad financial situation and was very devastated, which lead me to depression. I then came to know about Dennis’s company “Transviewdebt”.

He was very helpful in every ways. He even accompanied me to every court hearing on my bankruptcy situation and guided me on the best way to tackle all the questions and queries that are asked by the judges as well as the IO. He told me in-advance what will I be expecting in the closed doors and what I should do or say. He makes the whole process seemed very easy and very fast for me. During these years of bankruptcy, Connie has been very helpful with handling my financial reports every year and getting my travel permits done, almost every month. I travelled a lot for work which Connie has been so patient with my travel requests. I am so glad that I know Dennis and Connie whom have gone through the whole process with me for the past 4 years.

I would so much love to express my gratitude to both Connie and Dennis. I am so grateful that I knew them. Going through the process alone is really not easy.

Client since 2012
Miss Tan

I got to know Dennis and Connie through a Google search when my world turned dark. Everything was against me and I really panic as I was at the brink of bankruptcy. I knew I would not be able to pay up the debts. The fear of debtors and banks coming to my house to take away every single property simply created a nightmare for me, until I called Dennis.

During one of the sessions, he gave precious opinions and advices. I realized then that he is a person filled with love and compassion. Both Dennis and his wife Connie, always respond promptly and they will assist in any possible ways. I am very grateful to them and certainly impressed with their professional services.

Client since 2013
Mr Chin

I am so lucky that I managed to find an agency that is able to provide me with the best advice on how to pay my debt and follow up until I am discharged from bankruptcy. Without them, I really don’t know what to do. They are helping me throughout the whole bankruptcy period without fail till I am officially discharged. Thank you for your helpful services provided and I will never forget you guys!

Client since 2010
Mr Andy